Jenny Lynn Elementary School | Kingston, PA

Unique Private School Experience.

We serve as a private school for students not only in our Kingston community, but also Wilkes-Barre, Dallas, Plains, Mountaintop and surrounding areas. We offer grades 1-6 at our Wyoming Avenue location. In conjunction with the Jenny Lynn Academy, also in Kingston, Preschool and Kindergarten are offered. Check out the rest of our website for more information. Our Facebook page has the latest updates of the amazing work our students are doing.

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Kingston School. Global Mindset.

The Jenny Lynn Elementary School is centered on a globalized education design and focused on cultivating critical thinking skills. We focus on all facets of a global mindset, to promote cultural understanding and social awareness in our diverse world. The core mission of the program is to develop the whole self through nurturing of each individual child’s heart, mind and body.



The symbol of heart development encompasses the focus on empathy and social awareness.



The mind signifies the emphasis on education and cognitive development.



The body represents taking action through active problem solving and physical growth.

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